perfect after-lives

I took myself well off the radar after finishing the first part of the process of getting VIDAS PERFECTAS on the stage. It took everything out of all of us that were involved. After catching up on rest the demons arrived to remind me that this was only the beginning of the process and that 2012 is a big year for not only the opera, but it is by necessity (the end of my stipend) the year I finish the PhD.

There are so many other things happening: The Tiger's Mind will have it's final meeting in Paris in February and we will work on the final chapter of the book and also begin work on the film we are making. I also plan to finish the writing for the book that Will Holder and I are making together. And on top of that, there are some amazing new releases coming up on DS al Coda and a new series of events and dinners that I'll be organizing in the city.

Another new thing to look forward to is teaching this summer up at the Bard MFA program. I've been up there off and on over the last years to hang out with all my talented colleagues and admire the program from a distance, and now finally I will take part in it. I am very excited!

Eliot Bridge Waterman is becoming a full-fledged toddler and is speaking the most wonderful language these days and singing and dancing. There is nothing more beautiful.

I am attaching some pictures from the opera. Audio and video will be coming soon! I will be editing with the amazing Eve Essex this week and hope to have things up on and this website, next week.

sending out my warmest,


wide shot of the stage
silhouette of Raoul
la iglesia
el patio de atras