Either/Or CD release

Issue Project Room
Fri, 09/09/2011 - 8:00pm

I'll be performing Keeril Maken's solo cello piece from the new CD "TARGET", released on Starkland.

Butch Morris's Lucky Cheng Orchestra

Nublu, 24 first avenue, NYC
Mon, 09/05/2011 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Every Monday in September and October. Butch is amazing. The group is too.

Chrysler Series 500 Words

This is a thank you that you'd listen through if you were at the Academy Awards. We miss you already Chrysler Series. The good news is that we are sure that there is something new brewing. Thanks Summer and Snowden.



Please visit the USA Artists website to make a pledge to support the new production of Robert Ashley's VIDAS PERFECTAS.

The trailer can be seen on both the USA Artists site: http://www.unitedstatesartists.org/project/vidas_perfectas or on http://www.vidasperfectas.org

[Downgrades in credit ratings by the S&P have no effect on the quality or value of this piece.]

USA Artists Page

Two new releases featuring solo cello

Announcing two releases featuring Alex Waterman on solo cello.

Richard Carrick's FLOW CYCLE CD on New World Records. Check it out here and listen to some excerpts:


And Keeril Makan's new record TARGET on Starkland.
more info and excerpts for listening:


Flow Cycle CD

Vidas Perfectas Trailer preview!

Here is the new site for the opera. It will be soon truly up and running and bi-lingual. Eve Essex and I just finished the trailer and are doing final tweeks on it. Very excited!


Vidas Perfectas

Luna Del Mar

This is one of the most wonderful projects I've been involved with.

The artist, Cameron Gainer, asked me to make a soundtrack for his ambitious project of filming an Olympic synchronized swimmer executing a solo routine in the bio-luminous waters of Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

I accompanied Cameron on a trip to Vieques in 2009, and I recorded the bay and many other sites on the island, including the treacherous cliffs where the old black and white version of Lord of the Flies was shot. I made the field recordings into a 40 minute piece that documented a day in Vieques and in late June made the 18 minute soundtrack with cello that now accompanies the final film version.

An excerpt of the soundtrack is here below as are a few pictures from the trip to Vieques.

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Crab holes in Mosquito Bay
On Mosquito Bay recording
Thunder rolling
Lord of the Flies location
Luna del Mar test photos by Cameron Gainer
Luna del Mar test photos by Cameron Gainer
Cameron Gainer(left), Luna del Mar(right) and her boyfriend (center)

Felicia Ballos and Elisa Santiago @ Tracy Williams

The 3rd of 4 performances at Tracy Williams. This features a score by Felicia Ballos and Elisa Santiago. Really beautiful work!

Here are some stills from the post-performance we did last week as well as the invite for tonight.

installation view 1

Nearing the end of the dig

By next week most of the archiving of past work will be done. I plan to do some deeper digging and transfer older formats later in the summer. There is a radio version of HAMLETMACHINE that I made with Benedict Weisser on Radio 100 back in 1999 that I'd love to get up as well as some other radio plays from that period.

Another older project that I am planning on transferring and uploading is a set of 'books' that Steve Heather and I made while we were in residence at Les Bains Connective in Brussels. We produced a series of compositions based around speech, performance, choreography, urban geography and some wonderful invited guests. It was a really special moment.

And lastly, there are several performances at Les Bains that should be out there in the world. I will put up some excerpts in the near future and see if there is any way to get the whole concerts out.

Alex in Berlin 2002
Plastic Isolation 2000
Plastic Isolation 2000
Alex, Steve & Siegmar
Alex, Steve & Siegmar

bodies with organs

Performance organized by Mark Beasley and Creative Time. Mark asked me to put together a group to perform with David Byrne's organ installation in the Battery Maritime Building. The musicians were:

Alex Waterman
MV Carbon
Andrea Parkins
Zach Layton &
Stephan Moore.

Here are a few video clips for atmosphere:

part one:

bodies with organs part 1 from Alex Waterman on Vimeo.

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