Luna Del Mar

This is one of the most wonderful projects I've been involved with.

The artist, Cameron Gainer, asked me to make a soundtrack for his ambitious project of filming an Olympic synchronized swimmer executing a solo routine in the bio-luminous waters of Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

I accompanied Cameron on a trip to Vieques in 2009, and I recorded the bay and many other sites on the island, including the treacherous cliffs where the old black and white version of Lord of the Flies was shot. I made the field recordings into a 40 minute piece that documented a day in Vieques and in late June made the 18 minute soundtrack with cello that now accompanies the final film version.

An excerpt of the soundtrack is here below as are a few pictures from the trip to Vieques.

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Crab holes in Mosquito Bay
On Mosquito Bay recording
Thunder rolling
Lord of the Flies location
Luna del Mar test photos by Cameron Gainer
Luna del Mar test photos by Cameron Gainer
Cameron Gainer(left), Luna del Mar(right) and her boyfriend (center)